Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Plastic Forms of Evangelion.

Stikfas is moving into the licensed figure arena. Of especial note: Neon Genesis Evangelion figures!!

I've seen the Evangelion series twice, 1st on loaned VHS tapes1, 2nd on my own set of DVDs. I sincerely doubt I will ever watch it again. By contrast I watch an occasional Patlabor episode or three quite regularly. I'm not dissing Eva but its not like you can just que up a random episode & enjoy.


1 Said VHS tapes were on loan from a compatriot who in turn had the tape on loan from someone else. If I recall, said person also was fond, back in the day, of buying japanimation VHS cassettes from Suncoast Video at the mall, copying them, putting the copy in the original box, re-shrinkwrapping it & then returning it & start the whole process over again w/ another, new tape (this is when a copy of Akira ran you $30). I envision some bookshelf in the 'burbs filled w/ anime tapes w/o boxes.

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