Friday, October 24, 2008

anguished howls from the front office

[from: Bay Area News Group 23oct2k8, B3, "Watson hurts elbow in exhibition", Thompson II, Marcus]

This is going to be fun for Nelson, right, molding and shaping all the Warriors' young talent? Wrong.

"I'm uncomfortable simply because we have so many young players," Nelson said. "This is a situation where our team is very green. There are a lot of situations they can hurt you. And we understand that.

"A year ago, I knew exactly what I had," he added. "I had veterans who came in who attended to business. This year, we're different. We're green and growing. We've got a lot of development to do here with our younger players. I would prefer a veteran team, you know, an ass-kicking veteran team that would have a chance to win a title is what I deserve at 68, I would think. But that's not what we have here. We have a younger team that needs development, and that could be fun. I enjoy watching younger kids get better. Look at Wright. That guy took a year of training, and now he's able to play an NBA game."