Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gilbert Arenas is a Giant Red Robot.

image hosted by flickr.

Not quite sure how or why "Gilbert Arenas is to the NBA what Neon Genesis Evangelion is to japanimation" swam out of the backburner regions of my brain, but it resulted in the above image.1 If anything its the result of the same process which made imposing Astro Boy's head on the Larry O'Brien trophy a perfectly natural thing to do.2

The following clip from the movie End of Evangelion seems relevant & somewhat explanatory. Tossing battleships at tank columns, getting hit in the face by ballistic missiles, bragging about your 12,000 plates of fortified armor & how there's no way you can lose ("not to you bastards!"), & casually spin-kicking VTOL attack aircraft feels like Arenas' modus operandi.

Whether Arenas' has a little red-headed girl speaking Japanese inside his head is up for debate.


1 If I were to expand the Gilbert=Evangelion hypothesis into a generalized theory equating certain NBA players to japanimation (stylistically & historically), then I would venture that Jordan was/is Akira, which would make Kobe Ghost in the Shell.
2 See "Reviewieran Iconography 101," September 7, 2006.

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