Thursday, February 22, 2007

Turtle Traded for Duck, Media Unimpressed.

While today's Jones-Dixon trade appears to be & is generally be considered 1 of those something-for-something no-one-really-wins but no-one-really-loses either kinda trades, I would like to posit the following:

1. When the Blazers win, or are in a position to win, a game, it seems to me they are in said position b/c they have been proverbially "taking it to the rim." This is also known as "being aggressive." What it really is, is "not settling for jumpers." The PHX-POR game Reviewiera attended was a stellar example of this. Admittedly, Portland made a lot of jumpers & 3s to put that game into overtime, but when the 3s really worked, that is, were the correct shot to take, was in the aftermath of some old-fashioned trench warfare in the paint - either a drive/slash or a post-up.

2. It has been pointed out quite a bit that Dixon & Jones are near identical in statistics, 'tho Dixon is (rightly) considered to have the sweeter outside shot. I don't disagree w/ this, but looky at this '06/'07 year stat comparison:

In 55 games (totalling 1,243 minutes), Dixon shot .823 at the free throw line in 72 attempts.

In 38 games (totalling 864 minutes), Fred Jones shot .819 at the free throw line in 88 attempts.

Last time I checked, the easiest way to get to the free throw line is to drive into the paint where those guys w/ the other jerseys are. And in 2/3rds of the minutes in 2/3rds of the games Jones got to the line 16 more times.

3. Conclusion(s). Good trade for Portland, a team for which aggressive interior offense should produce Ws, mainly via trips to the charity stripe. The charity stripe is the new wave of offense. Just ask D. Wade.


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Blogger Fat Contradiction said...

Unfortunately, yr analysis is predicated on Fred Jones getting minutes. I would humbly suggest that any minutes he gets are minutes better invested in Martell, Roy, or even TrOutlaw.

This move is really about rewarding Dixon--a nice guy, good story, classy vet--by sending him to a team that might make a playoff run. Secondarily, it's a way to put (clueless homer) butts in seats on the hope that Jones'll throw down some highlight material in garbage time.

But any time I see the man on the court, I will view it as time not being developed in the interest of the franchise.


11:07 AM  
Blogger d.d. tinzeroes said...

I don't see how my analysis is predicated on Jones getting minutes. My point was that Jones does something better than Dixon w/ a lower playing time requirement & that that something (getting to the line) is, according to my observations, a factor in the Blazers winning games. 'Tis a game of fractions.

I'll take Jones over Morrison or the 2 Lukes anyday.

11:31 AM  

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