Saturday, March 17, 2007

Neo-Geo Dreamstate

lafayette contradiction: & so it was I was wasted in an airport, listening to the locals debate Mitch Richmond's Hall-of-Fame credentials.

d.d. tinzeros:
exactamentally. After the Lutz we traipsed downhill to Plaid & then fuckin' Fridge for a party.

fat: so its not just my Blood Alcohol Content boggling my mind...

d.d.: No, its not. Quite a good constituency of the old crew there. We're glommed together, tho. Everyone else a min 5 years younger & they smoking cigz indoors, which kind of pushed us away from population centers. That kitchen wall still has all those phone #s from back in the day. Names of people & names of houses long past.

Living history.

d.d.: Us or the wall?

Fat: uh...

d.d.: Also, out on the porch, for a few secs thought a couch was there back in '99 or sumthin. Then revealed it was not. Still, was wierd possibility, that, yeah, same fookin' couch 'been on same fookin' porch for 8 years!!

fat: scary. theoretically possible, I blush to confess.

d.d.: yeah, so, hours widdle away. I think we talk about Africa.

fat: that doesn't seem too strange an evening...

d.d.: yah fuk that. check this out. I go home to the missus, I fall asleep, I have this dream? I'm walking into a 2nd-hand thrift store very realistically located on or near 52nd & Woodstock, next door to the auto-part dealer & the Arby's is across the street @ the other corner.

fat: Jesus Arbies! BTW, fuckin' March madness, its like I can't automatically expect to get paid to watch Naruto. So you're in the store?

d.d.: I'm in the store. The floor space is the size of large-ish living room. Tiny. There're shelf thingies lining walls built out of plywood painted a real particular color of brown. Each shelf section is, like: Books. VHS tapes. Coffee mugs. And there's a row of various chairs for sale in the very middle of the store's floor. To get from 1 side of the store to the other, you've walk ALL the way 'round. 'cause its tough to navigate thru' the chairs. I'm browsing & there's an "Old Video Games" section, w/ a mish-mash of games & consoles piled on these shelves.

fat: sweet!

d.d.: Yeah. This where it gets wierd, or at least too realistic. I pull out & start looking at a...

fat: Dreamcast? Nintendo 64? Famicon?

d.d.: No. A fukin' Neo-Geo console.

Neo-Geo? They made a console?

d.d.: SNK really did. Thing is, I never seen a picture even of a Neo-Geo. In the dream t'was black & about the size of 1st Playstation, but its a bit more roundish & takes cartridges - not cds.

fat: Did you buy it? In the dream?

d.d.: Well, I'm looking & feeling it all over w/ my grubby paws & there's these 3 kids of slightly different ages sitting on aforementioned chairs behind me, & 1 is a total smartass & is asking me "wtf you gonna buy that for?" & I come back @ him w/ "cuz its cool, unlike you. Ever." And then the garbage truck wakes me up.

fat: f
uckin' kids today.

Yeah. No respect for the past.

fat: Are you going to buy a Neo-Geo now?

d.d.: Well, a Neo-Geo in my dreams was really unexpected, so I did look one up on Amazon out of curiosity. It was black, & does appear to be about the size I dreamt it as, but it was CD, not cartridge, I got that part wrong. What I got RIGHT was you can buy one used on Amazon for $1,500, so I was correct to have plucked it up out of the shelf in the dream, & that kid was a fucking dumbshit, 'cause he was sitting across from a plastic box worth $1,500.

fat: So... its a dream where you're dreamstate self "has a feeling" that something is valuable...

d.d.: ...and then it turns out to be massively valuable. yes. a sort of delayed-response self-affirmation dream.

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