Saturday, July 28, 2007

a conversation...

fat: did you know 'Helsinki branch mail room' from a DDT post is also a V.Bros joke?

d.d.: Which episode is Helsinki mail room from?

fat: 'guess who's coming to state dinner'. The consensus pick for worst episode of season 2.

d.d.: Hey, even the best stolen material can't save you all of the time, right?

fat: I had more in mind another data point indicating our 4 minds think muchly alike. Along the lines of the shrinking-table gag ...

d.d. At this point I've decided to start erring on the side of outright theft.

fat: Yes, because our stuff is so richly documented and accessible. Why, it practically exists!!1

d.d.: My point exactly [nods authoritatively to self]

fat: I hate getting ripped off! They're RIPPING US OFF!! Taking beer right out of my little girl's mouth!

d.d. : glad you came to yr senses.

-transcribed by d.d.

1 Fat's referring to an extravagant & richly planned, but never executed, puppet show. We both swear that jokes from THAT conceived series keep cropping up in VentureBros. SWEAR! At 1st we thought, well, great minds, & all that, & at the least, WOWS, there's OTHER PEOPLE who think the shit we think is funny, IS ALSO FUNNY. WOW. As recorded above, though, I've re-evaluated that, in fact, we're somehow being ripped off. We're bugged, or there are spies under our bar-stools furiously scribbling down our ideas as they drunkenly spill off our tongues. If a VB episode shows up w/ a FUMO-KINETIC (the power to control smoke w/ 1's mind), I better getta writer's credit & a paycheck!!

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Blogger Fat Contradiction said...

The puppet show--Super! Hero! Shared! Housing!--was, in my mind, a stop-action production using, prolly, Stikfas. It primarily concerned (permanently?) off-duty super heroes, living in a group home.

Thus, Venture Brothers have stolen specific jokes from us. Robot Chicken stole an entire methodology. And Aqua Teen Hunger Force stole their premise.


6:35 AM  
Blogger d.d. tinzeroes said...

I recall S!H!S!H! as being live action, since thier collected "powers" were so lame... Later, I think it was Canada who suggested flash animation, which we rejected flat out, but I think got us to thinking abt other, cheaper, mediums...

12:01 PM  

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