Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am the great white hunter

Hit up Goodwill between burritos and work. Thru a layer of thick plastic and packing tape, I glimpsed a confusion of familiar shapes. What manner of bagged treasure awaited me?

I'd trucked around my trusty 'Casty, my 1st Dreamcast, last night, and had become worried about its standing up to such rough treatment. (I don't have a carrying case.) Now, I've got a backup, Jocasta...but when I saw this lovely little lady hanging around the mean streets of 15th & Broadway...I just had to pounce.

So now I've got another Dreamcast, Castandra,
three more controllers,
two more VMUs,
two big 4x memory cards,
a light gun (!),
a controller-extender cable,
and another copy of Crazy Taxi.

Oh yeah--there were a couple Game Boy games in there: James Bond and Donkey Kong. I do so love the way Goodwill bundles their electronics...

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