Sunday, August 26, 2007

Live & alive @ PAX w/ the Fat Contradiction (Day 2)

here follows further txt dispaches filed by Fat Contradiction, in attendance @ PAX2007:

Watching an amazing Saturn commercial. 3 minutes of a karate guy (Segata Sanchiro) frowning, training, beating up ppl found NOT playing Saturn. Sega!
-11:06 a.m., 8-26-07

Ulala had a Japanese maxipad ad. Golly. This panel had a LOT of fun on Youtube...
-11:13 a.m., 8-26-07

Just tried to set up a MP:P match w. 'Owneress'. There are time when all I can say is 'that's really clever, actually.'
-1:31 p.m., 8-26-07

I'm done. Gotta find some bento and a bucket of gin for the train, 'n'm out!!
-2:38 p.m., 8-26-07

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Blogger alex said...

I identified my friend Otto with a certain Baron L.. Fluker to his wife afterwards, Matt Pike's a sensibler an' a friendlier an' a 'commodatiner feller'n I thought...

12:42 PM  

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