Thursday, November 29, 2007

recently in retail and...surprisingly little rage, actually

For worthless reasons, Frank Contradiction's only son had to betake 'isself out inta the hinterlands to-day. When I finished up my tedious, expensive errands, I thought to duck into the Freddy's; for there is no better antidote to boredom and irritation than SHOPPING.

In one corner lay the electronics. I scanned the Wii, the DS sections, noticed the vestigal GBA and 'Cube slivers there imbricated, heaved a sigh, and turned to leave. Wherupon I discovered a coupla cardboard towers fairly bulging

Made a quick phone call to Canada, who seems to've lost steam on his DS Zelda, but he stood staunchly 'gainst the notion of new purchases. He turned down Gunpey and a tank game for an infinitesimal ten wing-wangs. I didn't even bring up the GBA stock, since he's essentially racist against older systems. (Seriously, I don't get a week under me without him telling me about the "rumours" about the DS2, "rumours" gleaned from gizmodo or someplace, and "rumours" I think would be better-labled "wild, desperate speculation and fanboy wishlisting". Nary a week!)

I yoinked the bum a copy of Gunstar Super Heroes anyways, since it was only 5 motherjumping wing-wangs. Xmas coming, natch, and I need something to set next to his copy of Metroid Prime Pinball. For myself, Tank Beat, which got awful reviews but is mebbe worth a look since it was by Milestone, whose Chaos Field and Karous both compelled me pretty thoroughly. And Rebelstar: Tactical Command, cuz maybe someday I'll want to play another turn-based strategy game.

Heck, I got a coupla Hamiltons to drop on myself, no? Imagine my stoke-levels when the register jockey requires merely fifteen bucks total! (A guide for the perplexed: pretty stoked. Pretty damn' stoked.)

Rebelstar can live in its shrinkwrap next to Super Robot Taisen 2, which I scored for a ten-spot a couple weeks back off the clearance rack at my more local Freddy's. Eventually I'll go through another hermit phase and bust out the turn-based ass-kicking.

Tank Beat, like all actiony DS games, will get a fair bit of play until I hit a mission I can't beat in like three tries, at which point I shall carry it around for a couple weeks, then dump it into the Session beer boxes housing my DS games. There it can tell war stories with Nanostray, Transformers, MechAssault, and the like.

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