Monday, November 26, 2007

Set My Seaman Free!!!

My my my, where has the time gone? My daily gaming fix for a good 6-7 weeks were derived from raising some Seamen, which died, then successfully raising some more - and setting them free. Yes. The game ends w/ you "setting yr seamen free." Its how "I beat Seaman." As brilliant as Seaman is as a game, the endless juvenile jokes derived from it ("I have to feed my seaman") garners it some sort of separate, special accolade.

Seaman print

6th grade humor aside, the most impressive facets of Seaman were:
1. Just how worried I would get I was going to run into a food shortage and that my Seaman would starve. Especially after my first attempt resulted in me booting up the 'Cast one day to find a floating-upside-down Seaman. This point underscores the actually quite stressful mechanics of trying to keep a creature alive w/ limited resources.

2. This was probably the missus' favorite game to watch.1 This was attributed to the fact she liked that Seaman talked shit at me. Also, she liked the fact that he kept evolving, and would come running when a transformation began. I mention this only because I find the subject of "games people who don't play (many) games like" an interesting topic. The missus' fave game is Ms. Pac-Man (a fine choice), but she does have the distinction of having beat the original Zelda, which I can't say I have. She's also the one who found our Intellivision and like 10 games for about $6 at the Goodwill bins a year ago, and then proceeded to rock Popeye. She also enjoys kicking ass in Streets of Rage.
In other departments, the Shenmue Experience has progressed to the Forklift Operator Simulator stage, having graduated out of Harbor Loitering Community College.

I've never played a game where you go to work, and have to actually play out the work2, but that said, I'm enjoying it immensely (I've made quota everyday!). Enjoying it so much, in fact, that the acceleration of the plot + increase in fist-fights is kind of disappointing seeing as I don't want the forklifting to end.


1 A distinction previously held by Shenmue.
2 Tho' Grandia does have a swabbing-the-decks mini-game.

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Blogger Fat Contradiction said...

Man, a game where you talk and tap on the tank a lot? I desperately wish this thing'd get ported to the DS. (Shenmue would work pretty well too, I think.)

I'm glad you finally got to unleash yr seaman. I'm proud of you, buddy.

Somehow yr comments about playing out the work have fanned my intense desire to take up Animal Crossing again. But. Shit, man, I have two and a half jobs already. It's just that those jobs don't pay me in bells, nor allow me to customize the bejeezus out of my domicile. Nor allow me to make people I don't like end a third of their sentences "rub it up". Nor enjoy my life.

I'm gonna go back to my beloved Kainton. T'hell with y'all.

1:52 AM  

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