Friday, December 14, 2007

I love my dead grey console: Part 3

psone print

Readers of the alert persuasion may remember the acquisition of a PSOne (the micro, slim, white one) from the Goodwill by myself (along w/ other things) way back.1 More recently, you would maybe also remember my dusting off of the ol' big gray box PlayStation, aka PSX to fire up the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Grandia. The space between those 2 events is filled by, in addition to the acquisition of Dreamcasts + Genesis cartridges, the fact the acquired PSOne had a effed up motor. It would power up, but it could not read game discs. Sadness.

Until the other day!

A trip to the bank & the hardware store provided ample circumnavigation to hit up the Goodwill, where I found jack of all shits except a fuggin' cherry PSone, bagged w/ all necessary cables & a controller, for an easy TWENTY wingwangs!

Now, clearly, I had no true NEED for a PSOne, being possession of a PSX, but at the same time I had a terrible, terrible NEED for a PSOne. So the PSX, the good ol' gal, is now safe once again in her plastic storage tub in the attic3 & tis' the PSOne which resides beneath the telly.

Not satisfied (clearly not satisfied!) w/ merely swapping out identical consoles,4 I get back to some of those Atlus PSX games I researched but never purchased, along w/ some other stuff I'd sniffed out. In short order, games, via the post, were promised onto me.

ATLUS strategic JRPG, Hoshigami? Secured!

A strategic JRPG w/ a Pokemon monster-collecting element? Eternal Eyes, come to poppa!5

Do I have the spare time to play not one but 2 new tactical RPGs, on top of a host of incomplete games?6

No sir, I do not. I do not.7

I have a problem.


1 I love my dead grey console: part 2, October 5, 2006.
2 Grandia, October 1 2007.
3 Along w/ the Intellivision, the back-up Dreamcast, the back-up's back-up Dreamcast, and the SNES I still need to get a functioning controller for.
4 I really can't express the lack of room the PSOne take up. As other "retro" console types know well, the battle for space and organization when maintaining multiple platforms is hard fought. Suddenly having a given console possess a mere half the footprint it used to is a godsend.
5 While I was well aware that the original PlayStation was host to a bevy of RPGs essentially unmatched before or since, I was (vastly) unaware of just how many of them were of tactical nature.
6 Ah geez: Grandia, Final Fantasy Tactics, Phantasy Star II, Shenmue, Jet Grind Radio, Maken X, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2. And those are just the ones I'm truly vested in...
7 Let us not forget mention Dragon Warrior I & II for my Gameboy Color (or GBA, I s'pose) that's in the mail. Or that I've been eyeballing the numerous versions of Harvest Moon lately. Funny story abt the 1st Dragon Warrior: my 1st console was the 1st Sega Genesis, but prior to that I got my kicks off renting a NES for the weekend. Somehow, I got a hold of a copy of Nintendo Power that had the map or the walkthrough or something for DW1 (prolly kifed it from someone). When a NES was rented, I selected DW as my rental title of choice, then, being clever, but having no concept of 'leveling', I attempted to go to some ruined city and get the +30 sword or whatever. I failed spectacularly at this task, 'course, cause yr s'posed to go the easier dungeon or castle or whatever first. Sadly I didn't figure this out and played mario instead or something. So, I will extract a certain, shall we say, REVENGE against DW when it arrives: who's the clever one, now, eh?!?

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2 Comments + Unabashed Criticism:

Blogger Fat Contradiction said...

You love a PlayStation? Putz.

5:52 PM  
Blogger d.d. tinzeroes said...

You love a PlayStation? Putz.

I prob deserve that.

That said, the PSX was the 1st console that I was REALLY into. I mean, I was fuggin' JAZZED when Final Fantasy 9 came out (and possibly misguidely so).

I've never felt that way before or since abt any game on any console or combination thereof. Whether the state of current consoles or the state of current games or both is to blame for this decided and general lack of enthusiasm (or simply the apathy of age + experience) I know not.

So yeah, I love my PlayStation.

8:23 PM  

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