Monday, March 17, 2008

After Hours in the Valley of Downs

So, Fat brought his lil' Palom Cid (and the accompanying town of Kainton) over so he could visit my town, Ivon (and so my darling Asa could likewise visit his municipality: Kainton). There was the customary exchanging of fruits, naturally, but we were mutually impressed with the elements of Animal Crossing opened up by visiting another player's town.1

Kainton, however, is not for the timid. Especially late at night.

Cesar sleeping issues

Cesar get on home

That Cesar is a persistent fella. It'll be awkward if he ever moves to Ivon....


1 What I recall finding of interest, in no particular order...
  • Animals show you letters the other player has written to them. Maybe not a big deal but all the jokes and what not you've written into your letters finally gets an audience! Same goes for the bulletin board and your diary.

  • After your visitor leaves, one of your animals will move from your town to the other town, and vice versa. So, Maddie left Kainton and moved to Ivon, and Dotty left Ivon and moved to Kainton. Their departing letters say as much, and I've since been asked to deliver items to Dotty in Kainton. The losses of Maddie and Dotty were mutually mourned since they were favorites of both of ours.

  • The custom catchphrases you assign to your animals finally have an audience (see attached photo above).

  • Kapp'n is lewd in different ways to different genders. En route to the Ivon island (Taggart), he queried Palom Cid if he'd ever spent the night in a Hyrulian prison. No joke.
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    Blogger d.d. tinzeroes said...

    Asa was wandering & wondering on the beach of Ivon last night, a little after sunset. There's Dotty! In town for a visit. She said its nice to visit the old stomping grounds, where I caught fish and she tried to hit 'em with the axe, the both of us borderline plastered on hooch we made from rotten oranges. Nice to see her, but I suspect she fears the Kaiton relocation a mistake...

    12:09 PM  
    Blogger d.d. tinzeroes said...

    I don' consider myself affiliated with any particular console and/or brand of consoles. "Retro-gaming" tendencies being what they are, I have two Sega consoles (three if you count a Nomad as separate as a Genesis), but I'm pretty keen on my PSOne, too, so I'm hardly a Sega fanboy.

    Regardless, I found it kinda strange today when I realized my handheld game of choice at the moment is the concluding stretch of Pokemon: FireRed on the GBA SP, and console-wise, all I've been playing lately is Animal Crossing on the 'Cube.

    Nintendo, all the way 'round.

    12:19 PM  

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