Friday, July 25, 2008

The hell? Fat-at-Comicon. Part 1.

Fat's in SanDiego at Comicon. He took the time to file some field notes.
Tshirt idea: got
9:42AM Fri, Jul 251

Caution: Seaman shirt
10:36AM Fri, Jul 25

Scott Shaw! and Sergio
Aragones booth to
Booth! I'm seriously a
little starstruck.
11:06AM Fri, Jul 25

Rom back issues. SO
yoinking these!
11:45AM Fri, Jul 25

Captain Sisko! Freaking!
1:54PM Fri, Jul 25

Venture Bros panel! Line
insane, am skipping it.
3:46PM Fri, Jul 25

Young woman
cosplaying as Dazzler.
Jesus wept. Not sure I'm
going back to-morrow.
5:23PM Fri, Jul 25


1 I responded to this:
Keep working on that
9:43AM Fri, Jul 25
because I didn't think it was very funny. Not that I thought it was offensive, just I think it particularly funny. Also, I had no coffee yet.

Fat wrote back:

Post it.
9:51AM Fri, Jul 25
Then, later, he "accidently" sent me this one…
DDT hated this joke,
but at Comicon, every
fifth shirt should read
'Got Asperger's?'
1:01PM Fri, Jul 25
To which I responded…
Well, that's funny. A shirt
by itself not so much.
1:04PM Fri, Jul 25
Because 'every 5th shirt' IS funny. Context!

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