Sunday, January 25, 2009

tighter packed with stuffing

Fat found this plushie seat on Play-Asia, tho' it be unclear what he was looking for when he found it. He introduced his discovery with the words:
The description here Gives me the jibblies, but sorta makes me smile?

It's complicated.
The description in question being, I presume,
Plushes usually sit on your lap as you watch TV or sleep in your arms on your bed. To return the favor, the Dokodemoissyo cats are letting you sit on them. Heavier than normal plushes and tighter packed with stuffing, these plushes work well as TV stools, as especially for children or petite people. Place them in front of the TV screen and bounce on their heads when you see something exciting.

Mirror the cats' moods when you sit on them, smile happily or be hysterically happy, after all, these cats are here for just that, to cheer you up.
It is a bit odd, and I see where he's coming in. I replied that the diagram was perhaps more jibblies-istic.

plush seat.jpg

A curious diagram to western eyes, for sure. It all makes more sense in terms of 18-mat tatami apartments, course.



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