Monday, March 21, 2011

it's not my imagination

"A gentleman carries a pocketknife."
--Chris Collision Fat Contradiction, talking to one of the three cops it took to pull him over in Shasta County, late 2010

Not sure when it started, but I've had a knife in my back pocket for years upon years. (We'll pass over in silence those awkward years where, like a common Rush fan, I had a Leatherman & a flashlight on my belt all day every day.) Many of these years, it's been one or another Swiss Army knife. They're ubiquitous, not terribly expensive, and seem a little classier than your Gerber or your Benchmade.

As someone, then, with such extensive experience with blades, their use, care, and meaning, I feel uniquely qualified to solve this massive problem: the loss of the toothpick/tweezer.

Do not ever take the toothpick or tweezer out of the toothpick or tweezer slot.

Hope it helps!

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