Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Backissued It!

I went backissue shopping!
  • Avengers 283, 288, 291-293 (Avengers in Olympus; Avengers vs. hodgepodge of robot villians; Avengers vs. Namor's wife - Captain Marvel is chairperson of Avengers in these issues)
  • The Mighty Thor 396-397 (Asgard invaded by Egyptian death god; Thor loses his powers; Loki poorly drawn)
  • Doctor Strange 54, 57-58 (Doc Strange vs. the lord of decay; Doc Stange definitively does not seek new apprentice - I never really read much DS but it ain't half bad!)
  • Spider-Woman 44 (Spider-woman vs. HYRDA and a demon... and her mom?)
  • Captain America 274-275, 329 (Cap vs. HYDRA; Cap vs. Holocaust deniers - Cap was always a mess of a book, I thought, although I also always thought the fight art was a bit better, a bit more choreographed, than other titles).
  • Incredible Hulk 321-322 (Hulk vs. Avengers AND West Coast Avengers - Hulk and Banner are separate people in these ones, for those keeping score)
I was not looking for anything in particular, just impulse choosing based on cover art and whether less than $2.00.


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Blogger Fat Contradiction said...

IIRC, those Hulk issues immediately follow the very fun year John Byrne, then my favorite comics artist, spent writing and drawing the book. The climax of his run was the physical separation of Banner and the Hulk.

He then bailed, and there was a HORRIBLE run of fill-in artists and writers trying to clean up his mess. I quit paying attention, because the book was so much less good all of a sudden. (Eventually Peter David would show up and do a hell of a lot of work that always made me think "huh. Yeah, that's pretty clever, I guess." and that never made me feel one goddamned thing.) I could be wrong, but I think Byrne never did anything I liked ever again, either.

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