Thursday, May 08, 2014

Outlaws of the NBA Marshes (c.2007) Part 1

Based on the exif data for these graphics, sometime in 2007 a Chinese NBA-fan forum started posting images of NBA players blended with characters from the classical Chinese fiction 'Outlaws of the Marsh'.  The were momentarily lauded and then everyone moved on.  About a month later or so it occurred to me to try and capture as many of these as possible since forums are not the most reliable of archives.  So I fished about with varieties of search terms and mangaged to locate 21 images.


These then sat on my portable hard drive archive, completely forgotten until I stumbled upon them a few days ago whilst looking for something else. Also included with the 21 was the below "parchment print-style" Yao that I generated (apparently). 

I think this was my ultimate goal in retrieving these images: to create a collection of "prints" of NBA players as Chinese heroes.  I also think at the time I was not happy with the resultant Yao, mainly because you can't tell its him.
More to follow.

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