Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Backissued It!

I went back issuing!
  • The Mighty Thor 398-399 (battle against Egyptian death god Set continues; return of Odin and Surtur).
  • The New Mutants 68-69 (New Mutants in space - which is goofy but fun); 74-75 (loose end issues: #74 gets rid of Gossamyr from #68-69; #75 ends Magneto's tenure as the headmaster of Prof. Xavier's school).
  • The Avengers 284-286 (conclusion of Avengers vs. Zeus in a battle royale; Avengers vs. an Android), 294-295 (Dr. Druid becomes leader of Avengers; but is a pawn of Nebula, a 'cross-time Kang', which a premise beyond goofy which becomes strangely intriguing in proportionate measure to its absurdity).

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