Monday, June 09, 2014

I Re-Readed It!

I re-read my collection of Uncanny X-men. These are some of the small remnants of my 90s comics collecting. 
  • 157 (X-men & Starjammers in space);
  • 159 (Storm vs. Dracula);
  • 161 (Prof. Xavier & Magneto vs. Hydra);
  • 165-167 (X-men infected by Brood aliens);
  • 186 (Storm and Forge cope with Storm losing her powers);
  • 175-176 (return of Mastermind and wedding of Scott Summer and Madelyne Pyror; Scott and Madelyne's honeymoon, which is a flying boat trip across the Pacific - these issues plus the Brood issues have completely changed my opinion of Cyclops. I used to think (correctly) that he was a bore but the whole Jean-died-in-his-arms-and-you-know-what-he's-dealing-with-it-every-day thing is actually quite compelling, as is his well-written-wow-these-two-people-are-really-in-love relationship with Madelyn Pyror. Pity it will all get fucked up in '86 for the sake of launching X-Factor)
  • 177 (Return of brotherhood of evil mutants);
  • 214-215 (Malice vs X-men and Dazzler; Storm vs. WWII supers in Deadilest Game setting - there is also warm-ups in this issue for the return of Jean Grey);
  • 221-227 (X-men vs. Marauders; Storm on spirit quest to find Forge; Freedom Force and the Fall of the Mutants).

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