Saturday, January 05, 2008

like a airborne primate savior hanging ten

For reasons, I needed a bit of retail to-day. (This naked preacher will play.) Unfortupredictably, I'm broke-broke. This offers, though, a shot at the kind of big game hunting DDT talks about now and again.

So at my Goodwill I surveyed the scene: busy! Like...crowded. Cluttered, a competitive landscape. I've spent my life in public; I pass through clots of people like a ghost, they don't even notice that 200+ pounds of natural man has just brushed on by'm. (Unless my bag o' tricks snags up'm.) (This naked preacher will play.)

Up the front of the cluster at the case, I see the detritus of the gamer's holiday upgrades. Like sherds of cocoon-husk, there lie two XBoxen and another GameCube. (The GCN has doubled in price from the one I scored for DDT t'other week, and this one of course failed to feature the GameBoy Player.) One can fairly imagine the dewy wings of the newly 360-enabled, or the soaring arcs of a lad now possessed of an Wii, these creatures freed from the iron (-age) shackles of outdated leisure technology...

pretty tied up

Me? I wallow in those shackles; I'm pretty tied up.

Fat finds two Star Wars games for the GCN: Rogue Squadron 2, prolly good enough; Clone Wars, prolly abysmal. It's moot, tho', cuz some reprobate yoinked the effing disks! But there is a thing, Burnout, racing game with bigtime crashy action for a hamilton's worth o' wing-wangs, so I snap'er up. Idly I crack open the case of the Wind Waker, and befind a memory card!! I swop it into the Burnout case and flee.

Back of the store is the hinterlands of electronics, where unbagged, incomplete product sits, cheek to jowl with all manner of 'lectrical miscellany. PS2, yup. PS, sure. Controllers? Cables? Not so much. Guess this is a wasted rummage thru the provinces--hey, what now!? Boxed Dreamcast Controller?! You BETCHA!

A swoop through the book section nets me a coupla gag gifts:
Able Team book for Collision
Dianetics book for Canada.

Oh! Strategy guide for the (aforementioned) Wind Waker, which I have enjoyed, here and there (it's beautiful and rich with charm, but I'm nigh-immune to the Zelda formula, it seems) but got stuck on the second challenge in the first dungeon, and quit. Since the lovely young lady who rang me up guesstimated the price of the guide at half a wing-wang, I couldn't--didn't--turn it down.

Can't wait to browse that semi-licit ('licious!!) memory card.

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